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Hi and Welcome to my Blog!!!

This is my new blog about my paintings that to be sold or to be commissioned online. 

Painting is my passion, my life... and my day is incomplete without painting...

My heart lifted up once I saw paintings from other artists specially from the masters.

My passion in art is so ridiculously wild.. there are no words I can say to express it.. I can felt it in my heart ..so I started to paint two years ago. I am a self taught painter and not stopping to study art online by reading, viewing artworks of the masters. I was inspired with the works of the realist masters like William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Michael Angelo, Rafael and to name a few.
I also inspired by the works of our local artists like Fernando Amorsolo, the National Artist during the Marcos regime. Another is Jose Blanco one of the realist I adored, Botong Francisco and others. I love to paint using oil paint. I create not only beautiful things but also images that could express my feelings to happiness… to share to people the talent that God given me.

I am accepting commission artworks. Just recently I made a painting to Fr. Anthony Mendoza a Mexican but residing at Texas U.S.A..( my newest client )

You can contact me if you wish so we can negotiate about your project paintings. 
Wherever place you are, you can order and I can deliver to you by shipping on DHL, 2Go, FeedEx or what ever cargo you want, I will deliver it to you in original oil on canvas.

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