Thursday, April 2, 2015

Start To Paint again

Lady Tourist in Albay20 x 30 inches Oil on Canvas
Now is summer time again here in the Philippines and..
I am inspired to paint again and planning to finish what I started last 3 months ago.
I have so many unfinished stuff but due to my project in Children's book illustrations, my painting sessions always stop. ( I have to do my illustrations first ) this is the source of income  in online home-based supporting my family and attend to my daily budget.

Here is my  stuff I finished last week to be exhibited in "Daragang Magayon Celebration"
on April 5 at Legaspi City Capitol. You are welcome to see the exhibit after Holy Week if you are here in our place..and enjoy more paintings to be shown in public. You can buy many stuffs there.

Ignudo in Albay
12 x 15 inches
Oil On Canvas
Part of my studying anatomy as a self paint artist, I inspired to paint one of the idol in Classical Art Master, Michael Angelo.
entitled "Ignudo in Albay"

You can buy also this stuff in Print,..Visit FineArtAmerica HERE

Or just click the images...

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